श्रेष्ठ समाधान चमत्कारिक परिणाम

Astrology contains the secrets of the Celestials and guides the creatures on earth in their path through life with the Almighty God who is omnipresent as the basis and with the aid of the nine planets namely Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu and their unique nature; the twenty-seven stars on whom the planets in turn exercise their power; the nature of the stars the twelve moon signs of the zodiac, their nature; calculations of periods (i.e. the time of planets revolution or round of time marked by recurrence of astronomical coincidences) which are determined by the years, months, weeks, lunar days, karnas, their nature etc the governing powers which cause the happenings of the past present and future to take place, the Vedic Astrology gives inferences, understands the events of the past, present and future through wisdom, books, the power of the intellect and offers explanation and guidance to the world. Therefore, Vedic Astrology is termed as a Divine science.

Indian Astrology has 3 parts:
  • 1. Siddhant
  • 2. Sanhita
  • 3. Hora

Siddhant deals with planets and 27 stars, Sanhita deals with prediction of weather, flood,
rainfall etc and third hora, which is most important from the point of view of astrologers by
which they make predictions.

Needs of Astrology:
  • 1. To know future
  • 2. For match making
  • 3. To know the planetary problems and to get remedies.
  • 4. To know about the career
  • 5. To find the holy period for celebrations.
  • 6. To know about the best time of our life.